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When was the last time...

... you escorted a service technician to the nerve center of your business - your telecommunications system - and walked away with full confidence that your system would be repaired quickly, professionally, permanently, and without disruption?

Has it been a while...

... since you've had that kind of confidence? Since you've been sure the technician really knows your system? Since you've been able to depend on a technician responding quickly to a call for help? Since you've been billed at rates appropriate to the level of service you receive?

Reliable Communications, LLC was founded for the express purpose of returning that level of confidence to the process of keeping your systems running, expanding them as business grows, and implementing the right applications, all at reasonable cost. We are a local company, targeting a very specific set of needs in the Washington DC area. We are not owned by a huge conglomerate, not a pawn in a financial chess game. We do not employ technicians whose eyes widen in confusion and bewilderment when they first see your system. We are a group of professionals who have well-established careers in telecom and are fully committed to providing the highest possible level of telecom excellence in the DC area.

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