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About Us

MATT BELL has over 30 years experience maintaining telephone systems and other voice communications in the greater Washington DC area.  Over the years, a number of companies realized that Matt's skill and dedication to excellence were unique among the service technicians who worked on their systems.  These companies decided that they wanted no one other than Matt to touch their systems for the purpose of repair, as well as moves, adds, and changes.  His "fan club" twice followed him through strategic career moves, changing their service contracts to the companies for which he worked. 

When the number of companies who trusted no one else numbered over fifty, Matt decided the best way he could be certain that these customers always received the high level of quality he expects from himself was to start his own company - Reliable Communications, LLC.  In this way he able to ensure that each engineer and technician who works with him has both the technical skill and the dedication to quality and reliablility he found so rare in the companies he had been working for. 

Matt specializes in Executone/Isoetec and Vodavi systems.  He has factory certification in those systems, Mitel, Siemens, and other telephone systems, and voice mail systems by Executone, Octel, Vodavi, and others.  In addition to being the guiding force behind Reliable Communications LLC, Matt manages the process of providing service to its customers and still runs many of the service calls himself.

STEVE GILLIES began his telecommunications career servicing systems in Virginia in 1976 and designed voice networks for Marlo Furniture, Colonial Parking, the DC and the Federal governments and many Fortune 1000 companies.  After working for Executone/Isoetec locally for twelve years, he became Product Manager of their telephone systems family in 1992 at the corporate headquarters in CT.  He is largely responsible for the current capabilities of the Executone/Isoetec family, including its computer telephony and call center functionalities.  After executone was purchased by Inter-Tel, Steve wrote the functional spec mapping the functionality of Inter-Tel's Axxess communications platform to Executone's telephone instrument.

Steve is factory certified in Executone/Isoetec, Inter-Tel, Mitel, Nortel, Siemens and Stromberg-Carlson telephone systems and in Executone, Inter-Tel, Octel and Genesis voice mail systems.  He is responsible for sales and marketing for Reliable Communications LLC and still does occasional systems engineering. 

JOHN REDMOND's career as a telecom engineer spans over 30 years in the DC area.  As another Executone/Isoetec alumnus, his abilities in their product lines have become legendary in the area.  John is fully certified in Executone/Isoetec systems, among others, and handles many of the remote programming requirements for Reliable's customers from his telecom lab.  He is Reliable's resource for the trickiest engineering challenges.

SAM KANTERMAN has 23 years' experience in telecom engineering locally.  In addition to his many years with Executone/Isoetec, Sam has also aquired skills in data communications and voice networking services while employed by Broadstreet.  He is factory-certified in Inter-Tel, Executone/Isoetec, Aspect and Nortel products, and is one of Reliable's two resident experts for networking and datacom.

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